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How to Hide Online Status on GBWhatsApp

Whatsapp chatting application is one of the most popularly and extensively, the most used application on any mobile phone powered by any OS.It is one of the most significant part of everyone’s day-day tasks because as you communicate a lot of messages with each other in a lot of different forms such as documents and media.None of us can even imagine our day without using the most widely used and the most efficient whatsapp messenger and we know that most of you people face similar condition each and every day!

The biggest problem we face is when we don’t want people to know we are online because of personal reasons and a lot of non technical people cannot figure out a way to tackle this situation without a properly created guide. The people who don’t know how to tackle the situation have to restrict whatsapp usage and this can be a tedious thing to do because it limits your entertainment and capabilities. Here, you will learn how to tackle the exact situation using GBWhatsapp i.e the modded whatsapp version of the original whatsapp and trust me, this guide will work out whether you have a technical background or not.You will be able to finally use whatsapp is peace!

Features of GBWhatsapp

The original whatsapp does not have these features and will probably never have them.

Following are some of the extensively used features of GBWhatsapp:-

You will be able to cloak/disable the read certificate of the read messages so that any of the message won’t show any blue tick!

The users won’t be able to see whether your data connection/network connection is on or not using the double tick disable feature because they won’t see the double tick even if you are online when you enable it.The online status can also be easily hidden using the hide online status feature.

The way using which you can download the modified GBWhatsapp application in your desired device:

You obviously need to know how to download, install and go ahead with the procedure of GBWhatsapp in order to hide your online status easily so wil will go through that first.Here, we mention the simplified steps which are customized in a way any non technical person can follow:-

Open your desired web search browser (chrome/opera/safari/…etc)

You can use any search engine but we recommend search engine to search for Download GBWhatsapp apk..

You will find several websites which give you the link to download the modified GBWhatsapp application to your mobile device

Choose whichever works for you

When you open the link just click the download button which is stated on the user interface of the website. The location of that button varies with the websites

Enable unknown sources by visiting your device settings and searching for that option

Now you can set the application up using the apk file you downloaded.. Just tap on that file and proceed further

After you are done with the installation process just go ahead with the usual process and open up your application , verify your mobile number by inputting it and using the one time password authentication method

GBWhatsapp is successfully setup after this step

In order to hide Online Status when you are using whatsapp

Follow the lead :-

  • Download GBWhatsapp (covered the process above)
  • Click the option menu button
  • Expand the privacy menu
  • After that you will find more options inside
  • Disable the second tick from the privacy menu
  • Now select the hide online status using and make sure it is enabled

WOHOO! You can now rest assured that no one will be able to check whether you are online or not even if you are..