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How To Get Rounded Corner On Any Android Device


There are some android smartphones in the market which are reasonably costly as compared to other normal Android Smartphones but as the user of the normal smartphones also want their low budget smartphone to be used like premium budget smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy Note 8. So there are some selected apps with which the user can experience rounded corner on any Android device all you need to download and install this applications.


Cornerfly, this application was developed by the Flyperinc. This application has won millions of install on Google Play Store . In the latest version or latest update of this app they have fixed some reboot of the bugs. As per some changes in the policy of the Google. The users might not be allowed for accessing some accessibility service and they have does not allow the people for the disability in the lollipop for the higher Android versions the permission for user access is required.It is not possible anymore to draw status bar or lock screen on the Android O. This application cornerfly has added the rounded display for rounded corners in the display for a great smart look many cases of the hardware in the devices are designed of corner rounds but display has its own squared corners . This application will help the user for merging there Android smartphone display into rounded corners. This application offers several settings for configuring for for customising the applications you must try this application for yourself and if you like the application you can even recommend this application to your friends as well. You can even translate with the help of localize . There are some in a products which ranges from 70 rupees to 370 rupees for per item

It requires the Android version of 4.0 and above , it is rated for 3 + 1 ratings for the content the user can easily install and download the application from the Google Play Store at free of cost on their Android smartphone devices.

Note 8 – S8 Rounded Corner

Note 8 – S8 Rounded Corner, this application has more than 1 million downloads on Google Play Store . In the latest version of this app the developers have improved all the boxes which was earlier reported by the users they have added some features also for the lock screen ,for the notification bar and to make do not show exit dialogue box it was developed by LuuTinh developer in Vietnam. Basically, this is an simple application which allows the user for adjusting the radius of the corners as same in the LG G6, Galaxy S9 Note 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 this application uses the services of the accessibility and it is important for give using this application always in the running process . It has 4.6 + ratings for the content it is one of the most downloaded application for the rounded corners on Android smartphone. It is free to download and installed on the Android Smartphones through Google Play Store.

Roundr – Round Screen Corners

Roundr, this application is one of the best application for the rounded screen corners for the Android smartphone it has more than 500,000 install Google Play Store . This application was developed by Mohammad Adib . Its current version is 5.1.2 and it requires 2.1 and above Android versions this application has many features like full settings which help for adjusting the radius of the corners and it specify which corner should be a table should not be able or you can simply say disabled in the extensions of rounder the user can change your customise the looks of the corner and can even try the designs which are some bit different it has added then new Kona styles blacklisting apps and much more this application can be easily download and installed on Google Play Store on the users Android smartphone devices.