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How to send a Facebook message without Facebook Messenger

Once upon a time 10 July 2014 Facebook announced that they will soon going to disable the message services on the application of Facebook for Smartphone every user of the Facebook were shocked as the user fb fb have to installed the new Facebook Messenger India Android smartphones but no one was ready to use that another application separately for the messages but as that application launch the some people were there who like that application and most of them did not like it that new feature they want to use everything in a single app which was not possible for Facebook but luckily it did not cracked to restore the services in any kind of pressure they still continued anyhow and slowly slowly people accepted that application for messaging on Facebook or GBWhatsApp.

  • If you do not want to download Facebook Messenger in your phone you can use and login to your mobile browser for sending the Facebook message without the Messenger

You have to open the browser of your phone and you have to visit to when the website will be open on the top of your profile you will find the option for the conversation then it will immediately tell you to download Facebook Messenger then you have to go to the recent apps section and on the square you have to press the home button if you use the Apple devices or iOS devices you have to press the home button and you have to go back to the Facebook browser window and again you will see that messenger is moving you have to complete rest the ‘X ‘and make that message away going then you will be able to start at the conversation page you have to type on the person you want to chat with but now it will again take you back to the Google Play Store then you will have to repeat this step for again that is go to the send apps section and press the home button on your Android smartphone device but you have to keep in mind that this method you can’t have the Messenger install it will work only and you have to get back to the Messenger App over again and again.

  • You can send the Facebook message without facebook messenger on Pc or Laptop


For this you have to login To and then you have to go to the messages and from then you can directly contact your friends for the conversation and you have to just simply tap on the contact and you will get to message them very simply.



  • You can even send the Facebook message without using Facebook as Facebook has provided the SMS services for sending you message.

For that you have to register your mobile number on your Facebook account after registering your phone number you can simply text your friends by typing FB then in shape you have to find this send to and you have to send it to 15666 then you will be able to send the Facebook message but you should immediately receive a text message with and activation code on your mobile phone for that you have to go to your FB account on the desktop and you have to log into that account then you will see the settings in the menu bar then mobile and click on it mobile setting page will be opened on your computer screen then if you have already received the confirmation code you have to type in that box and press confirm then you will be prompt for renting your password for the verification when they said they will be complete your account will be activate for the Facebook message service.